The Dachshund’s Mops

There is far more to the hair on a Longhaired Dachshund than length. It can’t be too curly, too fine, or too profuse, and it shouldn’t be of equal length all over the body. In fact, hair is longer under the dog’s neck and on forechest, the underside of his body, his ears and behind his legs. Oh, and neither should there be a pronounced part on the back.

The paws are especially important because this is a working breed. If there is vigorous or excessive growth between the toes, or the hair is too thick, it can become tangled with vegetation, stickers, and field debris which can damage the dog’s pads. It also renders the dog unfit for work since Dachshunds, bred to hunt badgers, use their feet to dig their way through tunnels to corner their prey. Finally, it makes walking on smooth surfaces like tile, linoleum, or hardwood floors difficult, while mud and snow can ball up on the extra hair between the toes. 

There is a name for hair that is too thick hair on the paws, it’s “mops.” It is inelegant and it puts the dog at a disadvantage in the field.

Image: Long-haired Dachshund by Jean-Michel Labat is available for purchase as fine art, and in home decor and lifestyle items here. 

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