The Pug: True or False

Yesterday, October 15, was National Pug Day, and we thought it might be fun to see how much you know about this fabulous breed with a true or false quiz. Answers are at the very end.

  1. Any color other than fawn or black is a disqualification;
  2. Pugs date back to the Qing Dynasty in China;
  3. In Holland, the Pug is called a mopshond, which comes from the Dutch for “to gamble;”
  4. The Pug was considered the official dog of the House of Orange because a dog named Pompey served as the canine court jester;
  5. The Pug was once considered a subversive emblem of the Enlightenment, and England in particular;
  6. Pugs are known for their curly tails that curve up towards their bodies, but according to the AKC,  a double curl is a fault;
  7. A Pug once received an online graduate degree from Purdue University;
  8. Around 1740, Roman Catholics formed a secret fraternal group called the Order of the Pug;
  9. On his wedding night, Napoleon was bitten on the leg by the Pug owned by his new wife, Josephine;
  10. Pugs were originally known as the lo-chiang-sze, or the foo goo dog;
  11. Forehead wrinkles that form a W shape resembled the Chinese character for “prince” which was the most highly favored wrinkle configuration;
  12. In Tibet, pugs were called lags k’yi, which means “hand dog.” This comes from a Tibetan legend about the origins of pugs.

Scroll down for the answers;






  1. True
  2. False. Pugs date back to the Han Dynasty
  3. False. In Holland, mopshond comes from the Dutch for “to grumble.”
  4. The Pug was considered the official dog of the House of Orange Pompey thwarted an assassination attempt on William the Silent
  5. True
  6. False. According to the AKC,  a double curl in a Pug tail “is perfection.”
  7. False. A Pug named Chester Ludlow did get an online graduate degree but it was from Rochville University in 2009. He submitted his resume to the website and paid around $500 for entry.  The whole thing was a stunt, however, pulled off by a website that reviewed online colleges to protect students from being duped by diploma mill fraud. Rochville University doesn’t exist:
  8. True.  The Pope forbad Catholics from joining the Freemasons, so a group formed the Order of the Pug as a replacement;
  9. True. Josephine didn’t allow her Pug, “Fortuné,” to sleep anywhere but on her bed, and Fortuné didn’t much care to share it with Napoleon;
  10. False. Pugs were originally known as the lo-chiang-sze, or the foo dog;
  11. True
  12. True. In Tibet, Pugs were called lags k’yi, and according to legend, if a human touches a young eagle right after it is hatched, it will be transformed into a Pug

How did you do?

Image: A festive seventeen month old James Taylor, photo by Erin C. Tramill

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