We know it’s baseball season, but we didn’t just mean to write, “Play Ball,” even though it rhymes with Treibball.

A friend keenly interested in doing an activity with her dog ran out of ideas when her dog lacked all interest in agility, barn hunt, and nose work. We mentioned Treibball, something she hadn’t heard of before, and after investigating a few videos, she bought some starter equipment. The next time we caught up with her, she was ecstatic that her dog loved Treibball!

Treibball is a fabulous activity involving large, lightweight balls that a dog pushes into a net. It appeals to dogs that love to chase, herd, or be challenged. Unlike agility that takes special equipment and calls for a handler to run with their dog and direct him through obstacles, Treibball doesn’t put any physical stress on the handler, but it still involves teamwork and builds confidence in dogs. The dog in the video below is advanced, but there are many levels and different “games.” If you’ve done Treibball, we’d love to hear from you and see your pictures.

You can see more videos and learn more about the sport at the American Treibball Association website

Image found on Pinterest and happily credited upon receipt of information

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