Your Breed’s Plural

NPDD veterans know that to “plural-ize” a Hungarian dog breed, one adds a “k” to the end of the name:

Puli —> Pulik

Vizsla —> Vizslak

Komondor —> Komondorok

Mudi —> Mudik

Pumi —> Pumik

Agar —> Agarak, and so forth.

The plural form of several of our breeds are different than what we might think (and we tend to anglicize them, anyway),  but it’s not only good to know what the name is supposed to be, it’s nice to make the effort. The plural form of Keeshond, for example, is Keeshonden, while the Plural of Chinese Shar-Pei is (wait for it), Chinese Shar-Pei!

Early in its history, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi was the known as the Cardiganshire Corgi – and did you know that in Welsh, the plural of a Cardigan Welsh Corgi is “Corgwn?”

Does your breed have a plural form that might surprise folks?

“Lovely Day” by Lyn Cook   

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