Webbed Feet

Unable to find just the right photo for this post that was: 1) free and 2) didn’t use dogs with horrifically long nails, we’re relying on this picture from Wikicommons to segue into our post topic:

Webbed feet.

Guess what? All dogs have webbed feet. More specifically, all dogs have webbed feet to some degree, but some breeds have webbing that is more developed than other breeds, and you can probably guess which breeds those are.

Well developed webbed feet are tremendously useful to dogs that swim and work in water. Newfoundlands don’t swim like other dogs, to begin with, their swimming style resembling a breast stroke rather than a dog paddle. You can bet those big webbed feet help a Newf slice through water.

Webbed feet aren’t just useful in water, they’re useful in snow, and a breed like the Alaskan Malamute tends to have big feet with webbing that helps the paw act like a snowshoe and keep the dog from sinking in snow. Let’s see your dogs’ webbed feet!

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