“Whippet Good”

Scroll down for a little mood music for this post:

We’re always tickled to find public art of purebred dogs, and it was fitting to share a video of Devo’s 1980 hit song, “Whip It” when we came across this one:



As it happens, the bench/sculpture of the sleeping dog is named, “Whippet Good,” created by Delve Architects. The firm won a competition to design and install a public bench for the London Festival of Architecture in 2019, a piece that was selected as one of five benches for the festival out of almost 100 entries.



Created in response to research that “demonstrates the positive impact of dogs in the workplace, it was designed to “counteract current political and economic turmoil.”

Of their creation, Delve Architects wrote, “It hit us that dogs live in the moment, with no worry for what happened yesterday or what might happen tomorrow. The sleeping form had a sense of calmness and safety that could have the perfect qualities to soothe the anxious minds of those working in Cheapside. If you are feeling stressed, always remember to whippet, whippet real good.”

Works for us!


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