Who Will Buy?

Scroll down for a little music to get you in the mood, the song, “Who Will Buy” from the musical movie, “Oliver:”

All this to advertise that only two cards are left in the Sporting Group deck of cards that are part of National Purebred Dog Day’s Playing Card project. For those just tuning in, the Playing Card project is an educational outreach fundraiser for NPDD (in case you haven’t notice, we don’t include advertising or paid content as a way to keep us afloat).

Remaining cards in the Sporting deck are the 8 of diamonds and the 9 of clubs. Each is $50, and for that price, an image of your dog along with text of your choosing appears on one side of the card. We’ll put the breed name under your text. The price does not include a deck of cards.

This is a great way to honor a beloved dog, surprise a breeder or junior handler, or promote a breed club. Decks that have been completed and are now on sale include several Best in Show dogs, including a couple from Westminster, as well as beloved companion dogs.

We cannot take any more Gordon Setters or Flat Coats, and we are still missing an Irish Setter, Sussex Spaniel, American Water Spaniel, Brittany, Wirehaired Vizsla and Wirehaired Pointing Griffon.  As an aside, we are still accepting breeds for the Terrier, Non Sporting and Toy groups. The Working, Herding, and Hound decks are now complete, cards in those groups are no longer available for purchase.
If interested, contact us with your email address for the invoice and your card choice. First come first served. If the photo you want to use was taken by a professional, we will need a signed copyright release form that comes attached to the Paypal invoice.

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