Wild Boar – What Is It?

“Wild boar” refers to a color in Dachshunds most typically seen in wirehaired coats (and sometimes in smooths).  It appears as a banding of individual hairs, a mixture of gray, brown and black with each hair banded with several shades (though the term is often erroneously used to refer to the interspersion of black hairs on the back and neck over a red color), and gives the impression of an overall grizzled effect. From a distance, true wild boars will look appear to be black/tan (a very heavy layer of black over the base coat color), while Red Bed Boars exhibit a red hue. Wild boars have a black nose, as well as black nails and eye rims.

Did you get it right?

Image of a “wild boar” found on Pinterest and happily credited upon receipt of information

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