Working Breed Proud!

Go on, be proud. You own a breed that has traditionally worked for its living. If it wasn’t pulling a sled, it was pulling drowning people out of water. If it wasn’t protecting the family or a military man or woman, it was protecting a herd of livestock. If it wasn’t sniffing out drugs or bombs,  it was sniffing out poachers. If it wasn’t helping a fisherman, it was helping lost travelers. You have the worker bees of the dog world, and this T-shirt is for you. In gray, black, red or lapis blue, your $20 shirt proclaims, “Working Breeds: Getting Things Done,” with every AKC breed listing below. Go ahead and circle your breed with a marker, if you like. Wear it to meetings and meets, trials and shows. It’s called pride, and there’s only one place you can get it, and that’s here. 


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