How the Shepherd Got His Puli

We love the folk tales that surround some of our purebred dogs: Noah’s Ark and the Afghan Hound; the Pembroke Corgi being a gift from woodland fairies….

Here’s one that pertains to our own breed, the Puli. A Hungarian folk legend says that on one occasion when Jesus walked the earth, the only person who gave him water to drink was a humble shepherd. The poor man’s sheep were scattered all over the countryside, but he still took the time to go to the well and bring water to a stranger, even though he didn’t know who the weary traveler really was. In return for his kindness, Jesus picked up a bone, tossed it into the air, and turned it into a Puli who started barking as soon as it landed, then ran off to herd the sheep. Puli owners are probably nodding their heads in understanding with this one….

Is there a folk tale that surrounds your breed? We’d really like to hear it.

Image: Puli by Pamela Brummett Holliday

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