This Anti-Plastic Warrior is a Springer

We’ve met Springer Spaniel military dogs, PDSA Dickin Medal recipients, cancer detecting dogs, water cadaver dogs, and conservation dogs, and more. Now we want you to know about “Holly,” an English Springer Spaniel who is Malta’s Anti-Plastic warrior.


What started out as a game of catch turned into a beach clean up when Dana, the owner of  “Holly,” a 2-year-old Springer, forgot to bring Holly’s ball with her. Holly found a plastic bottle to play with instead, and from that point on, she started picking up the bottles she found, and seemingly made it her mission to collect them from the sea.  It’s a great message (particularly since it’s estimated that 8 million tons of plastic is dumped in oceans, alone). You can follow Holly on her Instagram page from which her photo comes.

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